The Car Buyer's Journey has Evolved.

As digital traffic continues to cultivate showroom traffic, dealerships are pining for every additional lead and investing heavily in complex online marketing to get even a slight uptick in their conversion rates or visit-to-lead ratios. Meanwhile, too many existing leads are falling through the cracks, which equates to a lot of wasted ad spend that can be avoided with proper Lead Management tools in place.

With RAPID RTC Lead Manager, Live Dealer, and Chat, we equip your dealership with the tools to provide premium, relevant, and personalised experiences to every digital inquiry from prospective car buyers while generating more quality leads in the process.

Every Lead Addressed.
Every Experience Maximised.

Our clients see positive, measurable results to both their lead numbers and conversion rates within the first month.
  • Over 20 million automotive leads processed
  • 30 minutes average response time
  • 100% – every lead addressed
Nearly 20 million automotive leads processed
30 Minutes average response time
Every lead addressed

When it comes to service, you want to talk to someone and we want to talk to you.

You and your dealership move fast, so you need to learn fast, and we get that.

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