Media Feature: DMT Takes Online ‘Chat’ to New Levels

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DIGITAL! Interview facilitates real-time online conversations with customers.

When DMT Development Systems Group rolls out its DIGITAL! Interview lead management system this month, auto dealers will be able to have real on-line conversations with their customers.

The new technology promises to take online ‘chat’ to new levels. DIGITAL! Interview uses an on-line concierge team, hosted by DMT in Winnipeg, to connect digital shoppers seeking instant answers with a salesperson who can respond immediately with replies to inquiries, digital brochures, video and other information. The system also provides customers a picture of the dealer sales person on the other end of the conversation.

‘Chat’ programs frequently connect a customer with a call centre employee who merely collects customer information for follow-up. DIGITAL! Interview delivers the lead directly to the floor of the dealership and works with the sales person’s smartphone, tablet or desk-top computer. The conversation at the dealer end can also be transferred from one device to another.

“Consumer expectations of faster and better customer service have challenged dealers in every corner of the business, in every part of the country,” says Glen Demetrioff, president and chief executive of DMT. “Now DIGITAL! Interview provides a tremendous tool for building a closer relationship with a customer by essentially recreating the physical showroom experience in a digital environment. This is the next generation of lead management and a real competitive advantage for progressive dealers.”

By Jack Kazmierski, Autosphere / Canadian Auto Journal


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