Volume Brands Outperform Premium for Digital Lead Management

  • Volume beats prestige for speed of response, says RAPID RTC
  • Volume brands are 40% better at responding to digital leads compared to Premium brands.
  • Poor lead management causes the average Retailer to miss every 2nd electronic enquiry that is made to their businesses.


Dealers representing volume manufacturers are outperforming prestige marques when it comes to speed of response to electronic enquiries, according to mystery shop data from almost 1,000 dealerships.

The exercise, carried out by RAPID RTC with UK dealerships who are currently not using the brand’s Lead Manager platform, found that Premium brands response to approximately every 1 out of 3 enquiries whilst Volume brands achieved 2 of 3 enquiries responded to.

On a more positive note however, 11% of all dealers responded within 30 minutes, which is considered the benchmark for a good customer experience.


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