Every Lead Addressed.
Every Experience Maximised.

While most dealerships would struggle to understand how a digital lead could go untouched, the reality is, depending on geography and industry, very few manage to answer them all. And – even when they are answered – brand consistency and content can leave something to be desired.

In today’s world of on-demand services, personalisation, and real-time communications, car buyers’ expectations have never been higher. Not only do they expect a response to their enquiry, but the dealership should communicate at the right time, through the right channel, and with the right message.

Right Time

Right Channel

Right Message

RAPID RTC Lead Manager optimises the action phase of the car buyer’s journey and treats every lead as if it were a person – because it is!

See what Lead Manager
can do for you.

Lead Manager seamlessly aggregates all digital lead sources from their point of capture and, in real time, distributes those leads directly to the person or people best suited to answer the enquiry. No matter the time of day, location, or device, the lead will find your sales team, allowing them to respond using a suite of personalised response tools preconfigured with already collected information.

Sales staff can then choose from a host of on-demand media files ensuring a fast, customised response and a consistent, relevant customer experience every time.

We are agnostic when it comes to CRM platforms and pride ourselves on being able to integrate with them. Distinguishing ourselves from CRM is important to us – our intention is never to replace, but to complement your existing tools – and ensure that every lead is addressed and every experience is maximised.


Respond, Refine, Repeat,
With Response Quality Module.

Speed counts, but quality matters. Our Response Quality Module (RQM) is a feature within Lead Manager that scores dealership sales staff based on criteria such as sending clippings, use of action terms, asking questions, and spelling. Using predictive measures and AI algorithms, RQM reduces subjectivity and provides excellence within written communications to customers.

Coach your sales team using RQM’s scoring metrics and give your dealership the best chance at increasing customer engagement – Our data has shown we can help increase digital lead conversion to sale by over 16%.

Route By Source

Put every lead in the right hands, every time. With Route By Source, you can filter, prioritize, and direct leads automatically to the salesperson best-suited for each unique lead.

Read Receipt Alerts

Gain more insights, convert more leads. See when and how often customers read your responses, discover the best time to follow up, and use invaluable data to better manage your leads with Dashboard Reporting.

Conversation Threading

Keep everyone accountable. Track complete email conversations to ensure your sales staff is responding quickly, personally, and accurately.

Follow Up on Multiple Channels

Send a premium response to enquiries via email, phone, or text; and in one seamless user interface, follow up and track additional responses across these same channels to give your customers a consistent user experience through their preferred communication platform.

How Lead Manager can help your dealership.

Lead Aggregator.

New opportunities for digital lead generation are being added by online networks and social platforms daily. No matter where your leads come from, we will aggregate 100% of them so you can enjoy our seamless and intuitive process – regardless of source.

Answer all leads. All the time.

Lead Manager guarantees a 100% response rate with personalized replies to all web leads. Instant alerts and ongoing reminders to your sales staff ensure not a single lead slips through the cracks.

Reply to leads in perfect time.

Our clients see an industry-leading average response time of 30 minutes – down from 8 hours!

Build instant rapport with personalized replies.

Forget generic auto-replies. Lead Manager allows you to reply to leads with personalized responses complete with company branding, dealership location details, and more.

You’ll be supported on every device.

No apps. No OS requirements. Our web-based platform allows your staff to access leads on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Get leads from anywhere, directly to you.

Lead Manager funnels leads from over 300 online sources and counting, helping you engage a broader audience and learn which lead sources work best for you.

Gain valuable business intelligence.

Let no data go to waste. Lead Manager helps you analyze car buyers' online behavior to streamline business ops and maximise your marketing spends.

Best-in-class training, service and support.

We offer best-in-class service when it comes to training our clients on how to maximise the potential of our tools. With service and support available 24 hours a day, our customer care teams are here to focus on your needs.


Lead Manager.


Lead Manager


Lead Manager


Lead Manager


Lead Manager


Lead Manager


Lead Manager


Lead Manager

Never let a lead
go untouched again.

How it works.

Lead Manager collects and consolidates your digital leads from hundreds of online sources and instantly sends an alert to your sales staff’s mobiles. Once accepted, the salesperson is eligible for immediate engagement within a certain period of time before opening the lead back up to the larger sales pool, always ensuring a timely response.

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Leads Aggregated

Leads Sent to Sales Staff

Lead Accepted

Premium, Personalised Response

Lead Manager funnels leads from over 300 online sources.
Your sales staff can accept leads on any browser-supporting device.
Your most relevant salesperson will accept the lead exclusively.
Every customer receives a relevant response to their questions.
With such a seamless experience, more customers will show up at your door.

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