Evelyn Ugen, Senior Marketing Administrator – Norton Way Group, UK

Since we have taken on RAPID RTC Lead Manager, we have been able to fully monitor what’s coming in to the company as all leads are in one place. It is extremely easy to create reports and stats and very helpful overall. We can consolidate group reporting in a fraction of the time, saving our team countless hours with the tremendous gains in operational efficiency.
RAPID RTC has taken the time to treat Norton Way Group as a partner, offering support from both the U.K. and North America. They learned our business and made their solutions suitable to us. Leads from any source can be directed to Lead Manager, eliminating the need to monitor or manually check other systems day-to-day – everything is organised and automated!
We can rest assured no leads are left hanging as sales staff from all locations are quick to grab all online enquiries from RAPID RTC Lead Manager. Sales Managers are alerted to lags in responses, meaning lead management issues rarely occur and almost never reach the group level. RAPID RTC has been a perfect fit for our dealerships and the Norton Way Group.