Matt Dent, Business Manager – Chiswick Honda Motorcycles & Norton Way Honda Bikes, UK

RAPID RTC Lead Manager works extremely well and plays a large role in the success of our closing ratios. Our responses often lead to test rides and bike purchases because of the speed and professionalism with which we can respond – it acts as the perfect set-up for us to nurture each lead.
Looking at our top salespeople, they consistently have the most responses out of Lead Manager. I’m not at our other dealership that often, so my first order of business was making sure we had it at both locations. We have reporting and transparency on all sources, guaranteeing no leads are ignored, cherry picked or missed. It acts as my eyes and ears, providing a massive time savings in terms of both staff and management effort.
Day-to-day, lead notifications are sent to our mobile devices in real-time, creating friendly competition and the desire to respond to leads after hours. Our salespeople don’t need to change the response much, just add a personal touch. We have a lot of repeat customers, so it is important we change things up a bit, which Lead Manager empowers us to do. RAPID RTC Lead Manager makes a long job quick and easy!